Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions for your workplace.

Offer a great benefit & attract quality employees.

In recent years, many workplaces have begun investing in charging infrastructure because it is a great benefit for employees. Did you know that it is also a valuable benefit for employers?

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS – reduces range anxiety for existing EV owners as well as encourages employees who are considering purchasing an EV, particularly for those who have longer commutes or may be unable to charge at home.

EMPLOYER BENEFITS – promotes brand image and corporate sustainability goals while contributing to employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. Further, EVSE infrastructure enables an easier transition of any company vehicles to EV.

As businesses prepare for the increased employee demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, it is important that you have a reputable EVSE provider that understands your business model. Together, they can assist you in selecting the right charging solutions, architecting the best system design, properly installing and activating your equipment and providing the support and diagnostics you need to be successful.

Effortlessly implement EV charging at your workplace.



We make EV charging at your workplace easy.


Create lifetime value.

Charger selection.

Evaluating charger levels and EVSE vendors will extend from goals set in the planning and survey phase. The right hardware will ensure that not only are short term goals met, but also be flexible enough to accommodate changes and growth over time.

Ultimately, many workplaces have adopted hybrid solutions that include majority Level 2 charging with policies in place for lingering post-charge, a small number of DC fast chargers, and a few Level 1 chargers that allow employees to stay in the same parking space for the duration of the workday.


The promises we make.

Affordable & Scalable

You don’t have to compromise quality for savings. NovaCHARGE’s modular construction delivers the scalability needed to grow.

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Remote Diagnostics & Setup
  • Built Using Industry Standards

Durable & Intuitive

Our products have proven to survive the most extreme conditions while remaining easy for drivers & hosts to use.

  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Rated for Hurricane Conditions
  • Intuitive Android & Apple Apps

Flexible & Trusted

We continue to grow because we help our customers avoid needless proprietary platforms & costly infrastructure investments.

  • Unlocked Network Connectivity
  • Customizable Architecture
  • Trusted by Hundreds of Brands Since 2008